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since its formation in 2003, the warsaw-based studio homework (joanna górska and jerzy skakun), has been creating posters for cultural events. aware of poland’s legacy in poster design, but not wanting to be a part of it, their work references the simple visual puns of polish graphic designer mieczyslaw wasilewski and the illustrative style of polish poster designer witkor gorka. rather than exist in homage to their predecessors, homework has created their own distinctive style in which they have been awarded for at international poster biennales.

working with small theatres and independent film distributors, their roster has allowed them to create work that is quickly becoming well-known outside of their native poland.

their work is on show at kemistry gallery, london from march 5th to april 17th, 2010. it marks their first exhibition in the UK, with more than fifty of their prints on show.

andrea chin I designboom

mar 03, 2010

В одно мгновение Сьюзан все стало ясно. Когда Стратмор загрузил взятый из Интернета алгоритм закодированной «Цифровой крепости» и попытался прогнать его через «ТРАНСТЕКСТ», цепная мутация наткнулась на фильтры системы «Сквозь строй». Горя желанием выяснить, поддается ли «Цифровая крепость» взлому, Стратмор принял решения обойти фильтры. В обычных условиях такое действие считалось бы недопустимым.


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