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TestMasters was awesome. My teacher Dave was really thorough with all of his explanations and really encouraged as much participation as possible to force all of us to actively think about the test material. TestMasters only uses material from past LSATs, so you know you're getting the best possible material to study with. I think the most important thing about TestMasters is that the program ultimately requires one to put in the effort; they don't spoonfeed the lessons. They provide you the tools to be able to pursue success on your own outside the classroom, but TestMasters only promises you will do well if you put the work in. One word of advice: take care of yourself while studying for the LSAT. Balance work and life, and make sure that you get at least one good laugh a day.

Loved my testmasters course. I went from a 153 on my first diagnostic to achieving a 163 on test day. I believe that Testmasters was instrumental in this success, and here is why: First of all, the online material is a gold mine for the ambitious student. Second of all, there were over 20 diagnostics that we could download and take ourselves, as well as individual sections which were EXCELLENT for helping me in my areas of need. Third, the class structure is excellent and the lessons really helped me make sense of even the most convoluted LSAT questions. Lastly, I had an excellent instructor named Dave Ganin who really made the course enjoyable. Dave kept us laughing and kept us on our toes. I hope all the other Testmasters instructors are as helpful as him!

TestMasters provided a huge boost to my LSAT prep and I cannot stress how much I would recommend the course! Between the in person and online instruction, it is safe to say that this course is the most detailed course that one could take for LSAT preparation. Students who are willing to commit the time and fully invest in the LSAT methodology Robin and TestMasters have created will benefit immensely. Even though I was working full time in a job that was rather inflexible, I was able to fit TestMasters into my schedule through the course and exercises online (which supplies an absurd amount of practice material that was super helpful). Instructors are top-notch and really care about you as a student. Marrissa did a great job helping me to work through logic games, an area that I struggled on specifically. She spent extra time speaking with me over email and really gave me amazing advice that had huge impact on my actual score. If you are seriously committed to raising your LSAT score this course is a game changer. My score since the beginning of the course increased by 19 points! The methodology works and I will continue to recommend TestMasters to everyone I know.

TestMasters was fantastic - especially my instructor, Dave. When deciding how to prepare for the LSAT, there were so many different choices out there, but I'm glad I chose TestMasters. The curriculum is well-designed and they give you so much practice material that you'll never run out. This is helpful because the only way to do better on the LSAT is to keep practicing. TestMasters doesn't spoon feed you, but instead gives you the tools you need to crush the LSAT. Their methodology is simple yet comprehensive, which makes it easy to recognize different types of problems without getting overly confused. Plus, the instructors are fantastic and always super helpful. My score improved tremendously and I credit TestMasters and their instructors for this. If you're willing to put in the hard work necessary to get a good score, there's no better LSAT prep company than TestMasters!

TestMasters was a great experience! My teacher, Dorothy, was very caring and really made sure that people in the class were truly understanding the material. I increased my score 17 points, so that says something about their methodology. They really breakdown the LSAT so you understand the basics and what to expect on the actual test. By the time you are taking the LSAT, there are no surprises and it feels like just another practice test. I would recommend TestMasters to anyone wanting to take the LSAT. TestMasters helped me be able to go to a great law school and hopefully have a great career in law. Thank you so much to Dorothy and the creator, Robin. Also I have a discount code, message me on Yelp and I can give it to you!

I took a course with TestMasters for the February 2017 LSAT and I cannot speak highly enough of them. I was consistently impressed by the quality and thoroughness of their instruction and materials, both of which were crucial in equipping me with the skills I needed going into the test. Marissa Custren, my instructor, was, quite frankly, perfect. She knew the course material like the back of her hand and reliably bestowed on us a clarity through her explanations that's not easy to come by when studying for the LSAT. She stripped away any intimidation we may have felt and made the whole thing approachable and beatable. A word of advice -- do not be passive in your studying. Do everything you can to not miss class, not miss practice tests, and not skip homeworks. The instruction is absolutely vital but perhaps equally as important is the reinforcement you get from reviewing test questions and watching/reading explanations outside of class. The resources you get through this course are unmatched elsewhere, so take that and run with it. You will thank yourself when test day comes around.

TestMasters gave me the tools I needed to master the material on the LSAT. The classroom setting really helped me learn the foundational skills like diagramming, formal logic and how to go about correctly reading/understanding the questions so that the exam became a challenging game instead of something super intimidating. Classes are a small size, so you get a lot of interaction with the instructor. Mine always went above and beyond to make sure everyone in the class understood the concepts and was on the same page before moving on to the next question or topic. She also made herself available outside of class for additional help and was super fast to respond at all times! I had a 12 point improvement in my score! I'm so glad I took the course.

TestMasters is an incredible company with such a special product! I'll start with their customer service. When I was deciding which LSAT prep company would be right for me, the highest priority was finding a course that I could start in New York and then move to Texas midway through (where the company is ScorePerfect). A super patient person named Jennifer in their LA office talked me through all my options (as well as my neurotic LSAT anxiety... on two different calls) and ultimately I decided to start with the online course a month or so before beginning the in-class portion (I was eager about getting started sooner rather than later for the September test) and then all I would need to do is pay the difference for the in-class portion before it began. The online resources are just... WOW. Every single lesson, taught by Robin Singh, is available with more homework and supplemental questions (in every section) than I could have even imagined. The rumors are true: Robin is a remarkable teacher. Every single homework question has either him explaining the correct answer (video) or there is an extensive written explanation. I love that you can hear the students in class asking questions -it feels super organic (you feel like they are your classmates after a while.) And, as is sometimes the case for me, if you don't totally understand the written or video explanation, you can submit a question digitally to academic support. I often find just writing out my question in an intelligible way helps me find the solution! Once you submit, usually within a few hours if not less, one of TM's amazing instructors will answer your question with more info than you thought you needed. I remember when I got my first really good diagnostic score and one of the academic support team members said "first of all, congrats on your score!!!" before answering my question. Needless to say, this isn't some question-bot service; these are real amazing teachers... AND you get unlimited questions. The last thing I'll talk about before this gets too long and gushy is the in-class portion of the course. My first teacher, Jae, in Brooklyn was THE BEST. He took his job so seriously but not in an uptight way. His first priority was for us to learn and he really took the time to understand all of the different ways his students needed support. I would shirk away from logic games and in turn, rather than letting me talk myself into anguish, he would call on me more often when we were reviewing LG, gave me tons of strategy suggestions, and really just refused to let me give up. Before I left for Texas, he asked me to stay after class and we talked for a long time about how it was best for me to study and what kinds of concepts I really needed to meditate on. Then when I got to Texas, Dave was another awesome teacher. He was so fun and charismatic and really took the time to answer everyone's curious queries. He also gave such good LG advice that I felt like everything Jae had been saying came into focus once I put those pieces together. I ultimately decided to take the test in December after a few big personal things came up in the middle of studying so I'm back to the online course until then. I feel endlessly supported and I have no doubt I'm going to crush this test!

I took a prep course for the LSAT with TestMasters in the fall of 2014. This program is bar none the best prep course for the LSAT exam. The instructors and material are extremely thorough and clear. All you need to do is to be engaged and be ready to work hard. TestMasters changes the way you approach the exam and gives you the fundamentals you need to attack the exam with confidence. Additionally, the course prepares you for more than just the exam, it sets you up for absolute success in law school. Your critical thinking skills will be sharp and you will be ready to engage with the new material you're presented with in law school .

I took the Testmaster's 3-month class for LSAT exam on September 27th, 2014. I have to say that taking this program was a necessary and a great idea to do before taking the exam. From the experience of studying and taking the exam, I really do believe that one cannot study LSAT by himself because LSAT isn't based on memorizing and cramming but more on understanding and experiencing. And I had a great experience learning and understanding LSAT and its questions in the classes. Our instructor, Andrei Ignat, is an amazing instructor who really cares about how well his students do. He goes over as many questions as he can in a painstaking manner so that his students can understand what is going on in the questions. Furthermore, not only was the class instructive and concise, but it was also enjoyable and fun. Whenever I took a train heading to class, I always expected to have a good time smiling and laughing while learning LSAT, which is rare for a 4-hour class, because Andrei allowed us to have a good time while learning. Of course, while the instructor and the class structure may be very fundamental to one's improvement in the LSAT exam, the most important thing for one to do well in the exam is for him to just continuously do the homework and the practice exams daily. I am very thankful for all the practice exams and the real LSAT questions in the homework that Testmasters provided, because although my first initial practice exam was poor, I could see myself really improve week by week as I spent all my days doing as much homework as I can, as well as doing all the practice exams that were provided. So although Testmaster provides great instructors and instructive courses, the most important thing for students is to really do all the homework and the practice exams that are provided.

A lot of people giving prep advice, particularly people selling it, are a little over-concerned with making LSAT prep students feel good about what they are doing to prepare to take the test. We here at LSI are more concerned that you get the best score you can.

This means doing what you should do, even if you might break down in tears and throw your LSAT prep books across the room a few times during your LSAT prep.

In this post, we take our gloves off and hit you with five harsh truths about what you are doing wrong to study for the LSAT.

I’d estimate that over 80% of the people I’ve spoken to over the years weren’t doing enough prep to max out their score on the LSAT.

Taking the LSAT is a skill. THE ONLY WAY TO GET BETTER AT A SKILL IS THROUGH INTENSE PRACTICE. Unless you are already getting a 180 on every single practice test, you can benefit immensely from intense practice.

I have heard people say things like, “The LSAT is only 3 hours long, so I didn’t see the point in ever studying any longer than that any given day” or, “Your brain works best when you only prep for an hour, so I only study an hour each day. Quality is what counts.” This is all 100% pure, unadulterated nonsense.

Proper intense prep is something closer to three hours plus on three days of the week and five hours plus at least two days of the week. See our study schedules for full recommendations.

Bear in mind this doesn’t mean you should study intensely each minute of the hours you devote to prep in a given day. Take plenty of little breaks throughout or space out the prep considerably over the course of a day. If prep feels like you are torturing yourself all the time, you are doing it wrong.

That said, it will take mental focus and commitment to make the required effort — LSAT prep isn’t easy. In my time observing LSAT prep students, the ones who were really serious and intense about it grossly outperformed the slackers on the real test and made way bigger improvements along the way.

When you do LSAT prep you are literally trying to foster new connections in the brain. Do it like everyone else who is serious about getting better at a skill. Chess masters train intensely. Great tennis players train intensely. Great LSAT takers should train intensely as well.

To this end, make sure you look at the daily LSAT schedules we’ve set up. They won’t be easy, but that’s a good thing. If you aren’t up to the kind of self-motivated work involved in LSAT prep (and more so in law school), it’s best to know now.

Premium Day-by-Day LSAT Schedules!

If you are looking for a more detailed schedule, we’ve just released a brand new day-by-day LSAT Prep Schedules for highly-motivated students. These premium LSAT study schedules are available in the following lengths: 10-week, 12-week (3-month), 14-week, & 16 week (4-month). Select the study schedule best-suited to your needs:

These intense schedules for motivated self-studiers uses the Powerscore Bibles to make use of all the best study materials currently available.

Click Here To Get The Daily LSAT Schedules

Following a rigorous schedule is a relatively small investment for potentially massive returns. 3 or 4 points either way on the LSAT can mean the difference between a large scholarship at your dream school or just getting in. It might be a long time before you earn this much money with that little work, so take the opportunity and get down to business.

If you are new to the LSAT prep world, you can be excused for not knowing this, but some LSAT prep companies have a much better reputation than others.

Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron’s, and McGraw-Hill are all companies that really have no business teaching the LSAT. They are just throwing a lot of advertising dollars around and trading on their reputation for helping high school students prep for the ACT/SAT to make a quick buck. Kaplan isn’t as bad as the rest of them, but they are still second-rate. It’s a bit like Nike making skateboards. This just isn’t their niche.

If you are thinking of going with these companies, don’t do it. No one is paying me to saying this. Look around the internet and you’ll see that other disinterested experts agree with me.

When I started my LSAT prep I went out and bought everything that was at my local bookstore. Only later, when I wasn’t seeing the improvements that I was hoping to make, did I begin to do some serious research. I found that Powerscore’s Logic Games Bible was the top choice of most top-scorers. When my copy came in the mail and I cracked it open, I quickly realized that it was hand’s down better than the other books that I had been using.

Even though I had already learned the Kaplan system, I made the decision to begin using PowerScore’s techniques instead. Only then did I begin to see real improvements in my LSAT score. Make the switch to better instructional materials and you will see real benefits. Even if you are halfway or more through your LSAT studies, it isn’t too late to go over to a decent prep company. With logic games especially, it is of paramount importance that you have a good system. Diagramming logic games correctly helps you go faster, plain and simple.

Go with books from a company that started in the LSAT world. Powerscore, Manhattan LSAT, Blueprint, Fox Test Prep – all of these companies carry good reputations for helping people get top scores on the LSAT. Of course you also need a ton of actual, official LSAT Practice Tests.

I think a lot of people sign up for an LSAT prep course and just go on autopilot from there, lazily doing only some of the assignments and thinking that they are getting everything they need. This despite the fact that every good LSAT prep course tells you outright THAT YOU HAVE TO DO PLENTY OF PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN.

Even the best LSAT courses are designed to complement to self-study. They tend to run two months and stop well before the LSAT to allow you time to do plenty of full simulated practice tests before the actual date of the test.

Incredibly, I saw lot’s of prep students who would complete the course then basically do nothing up until the test. What are you doing??? Your brain is going to totally atrophy in that last month!!!

Obviously this is closely related to harsh truth #1 (you aren’t prepping hard enough), but I want to focus here on length of prep. One month of prep is certainly not enough time to study for the LSAT. Two months of prep is cutting it damn close, and doing two months right probably requires too much work such that you run the risk of burn out.

Say it with me: “I will study for the LSAT at LEAST two and a half months or more. I. Will. Prep. For. Two. And. A. Half. Months. Or. More.

In my experience, I’ve found that a 3 month  or 4 month LSAT Study Schedule seems to be ideal for most students. I don’t know why this seems to be the magic number exactly, but it works for most people. On the other hand, if you have significant outside commitments like a full-time job or demanding college course load, you might want to spend 5 months or even 6 months studying for the LSAT

As LSAC themselves note, performance on the exam correlates strongly with length of prep, so don’t put off LSAT prep until there’s not enough time.

I was guilty of this some of the time during my LSAT prep, but really, don’t make it a habit. If you’re doing simulated tests with only 4 sections and taking little breaks between sections to get up and stretch and get water, you aren’t really doing the test the way it will be on test day.

At least half the time that you do full simulated LSAT preptests, make sure you do it just the way it will be on test day: add a fifth section from an older test to simulate an experimental section. Do 3 timed sections without stopping, bam, bam, bam. Then take a break. After that do two more timed sections without a break. Stop. You just did a simulated correctly.

If you don’t do this on a regular basis, don’t expect to hit your practice test average on test day. You won’t have built up the proper stamina to think at full speed for the entire five sections. That said, it’s perfectly okay to often do just 4 sections with breaks in between.

My theory of test prep is that you have to get good at things under ideal conditions before you make it harder on yourself.

I saved perhaps the harshest truth for last…


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