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Advertising Essay

Advertisements Essay An Introduction To Advertisement Analysis In

Advertising Information Or Manipulation Essay

Michelle Bigelow
ENGL 1002-02
Advertising: Information or Manipulation?
As I sit and watch tv, or listen to the radio, or read a magazine or look at billboards or look at pretty much ANYTHING, I realize how much advertising there is surrounding us. Even after we have purchased something, the advertising sits and stares at us, imprinting on our mind and securing our choices. If we took away all the words, all the pretty colors and images, would we have still picked the product just focusing on the content of what we bought? Or has advertising made us think that what we bought was better? Sure the companies are providing us with information about their product or service but they aren’t being completely truthful or honest about what their product service is or has. There is a psychology technique that companies use, a subconscious effect that their commercials have to pull and hook us into a product or service. As I see it, advertising has manipulated us into thinking that what we are purchasing is a superior product or service with their skill of using selective information. I see advertising by commercials nowadays IS manipulation of information.
So let’s start with what is advertising? My thought of what advertising means is ‘more than just words or just pictures but the idea of a product or service to persuade you to make a choice.’ This would be based on facts and the knowledge of what the product or service actually is rather than maybe what the business thinks it is or would hope it to be. The consumer’s conclusion would be based on their OWN decisions not being influenced by outside sources. Except why would anyone just accept my definition of advertising? Let’s check out a well known dictionary and see what their definition is. Webster says that advertising is “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements” 1. I think my definition is better. So how would you get a consumer’s...

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