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Here’s a modest proposal. For stations and programs and podcasts looking for content, collaborate with essayists — especially authors who are already writing for newspapers, magazines, and the web.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just recording what they’ve written and putting it on the air. Length, the writing, the delivery of the author. . .those elements and more need to be considered. But, those issues aren’t insurmountable and The Takeaway proved it.

Back in October, 2016, the New York Times published an essay about the war in Yemen written by Mohammed al-Asaadi. The staff at The Takeaway read it and said: this needs to be on the radio. So, they made it happen. The result is compelling.

Jay Cowit is the Technical Director for The Takeaway. Jay walks us through the steps to recording and sound-designing the essay — great lessons for anyone looking to produce print essays for the radio.

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I have selected to listen to CBS (101.1) FM and WNYC (820) AM. CBS FM is considered to be a commercial radio station, were as WNYC is a public radio station. These are two entirely different radio stations, which I've selected to listen to for my assignment. In this essay, I will discuss the format of the stations, how they affect me personally, and the use of productions of each station. CBS FM has an old style sound that works well with the program. The sounds are from the fifties, producing a scratchy sound, as if the music were being played on an old record player. This is done to produce the style of the radio stations. I love the way the station produces that style of sound, thus allowing the audience to adjust and…show more content…

When the announcer finishes his segment, the sound, "CBS FM" plays and then fades out with an oldies song fading in. This was a very effect audio production. It still kept the style of the program, through voice, sound and even music. Also, the music that the announcer used was very appropriate because it relates to the topic of the program, thus allowing the message of the announcer to be clear. Nothing was used to allow the segment to be considered boring or inappropriate, everything (music, sound, voices, and sound effects) was used appropriately according to the program. The callers for CBS FM ranges from thirties and up, but never younger than thirty. The music ranges from Buddy Holly to the Beatles, as the program shifts from news, to music, to commercial, and then back to music. I love the way the station does this in a well paced structure, in order not boring the audience. I've come to appreciate this style of music because of the way the station has presented them. I've also enjoyed the way the station allows the audience to appreciate that style of music, thus making the program interesting and fun. WNYC is broadcasts on two radio stations, 93.3 FM and 820 AM. I've listened to both of them, but mostly 820 Am to see the difference between the two. I've come to realize that even though one is on Fm and the other on Am, the quality

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