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Admission Requirements

In order to take Honors Designated courses or complete Honors Option Contracts, students must be admitted to the Honors Program, contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • A 500 word application essay AND one of the following:
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale OR
  • Top 10% of high school graduating class OR
  • Minimum SAT combined score of 1100 OR
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 25 OR
  • Institutional 3.5 GPA after the completion of 12 credit hours of college level coursework (1000 level or above) OR
  • Evidence of outstanding leadership and /or community service

To maintain their status in the Honors Program, students must:

  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA AND
  • Earn a C or better in all HNRS, H-designated, or Honors option course

Conditional Acceptance

Students who do not meet the above criteria may still apply for Conditional Acceptance to the Honors Program. Students interested in applying for Conditional Acceptance to the Honors Program must submit

  • A 500 word application essay and
  • 2 letters of recommendation from Georgia Highlands College faculty members.

Conditionally accepted students will be allowed to enroll in a maximum of one H-designated and one HNRS course during their first semester of participation. Upon completion of their first semester in the program, the Honors Committee will review the student’s progress. Conditionally accepted students must earn a C or better in all coursework while participating in the Honors Program. If a conditionally accepted student fails to make a C or better in all courses, they will automatically be expelled from the program.

If the student’s institutional GPA is below 3.25, the student will be given one probationary semester to raise the institutional GPA. During the probationary semester, students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of one H-designated and one HNRS course. If the student does not raise her/his GPA after the one probationary semester, s/he will no longer be allowed to take Honors courses and will be expelled from the Honors Program.

Students who are currently enrolled in Learning Support (LS) courses are not eligible to apply until after successful completion of all LS requirements. Students who are on academic warning, probation or suspension are not eligible to apply until after they have reached “good academic standing” with the college.


I applied online. The process took 5+ months. I interviewed at Global Health Corps in April 2017.


My experience with this application process was a mess, taking place between Jan 17 when I first applied to May 26th. I was a semi-finalist for three positions, one of which I did not originally apply for but was told I was a fit and should submit a new essay. I did so, and during my interview call for this role, it was emphasized that I was not a good fit for it (something I figured would be the perception when I chose not to apply in the first place). I moved on as a finalist for one position, and then was told in late April I had the chance to take a second finalist spot, pending the submission of another essay. I submitted this within the two-day turnaround time allotted to me.

Position 1 - Surprise panel interview (in every interview I've ever had, I've been informed of who I would be speaking to ahead of time - at least number of people or roles), combined with spotty Skye (which happens), rushed and vague questions.
Position 2 - Didn't hear about an interview, despite being prompted to submit an essay to receive the finalist spot. Followed up twice and was informed in May that they could not offer me the role, not even having a chance to interview.

This was my second + last time applying for GHC and am eager to find other paths of making the impact that I want to have (ones that don't require navigating such a poorly run application process).

Interview Questions

  • Semi-finalist: If you went to a location in East Africa where a Peace Corps volunteer had recently left their position, and local peoples were not receptive to your arrival, what could be some of the factors that led to this?   Answer Question
Global Health Corps 2017-06-08 09:20 PDT


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