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My Grandma Essay

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Imagine waking up to what should be a normal day in my life only to find out a loved one was gone. About three years ago, I thought that a day in my life would just be a normal day and fun night, but never did I expect to lose a very important person in my life. That day I was supposed to be at home taking care of my grandma; however, I chose to go out with my friends. We were partying, drinking, and having fun. Unfortunately, I ignored my dad’s caring words, “Son please stay home and take care of your grandma for she is ill.” My parents trusted to do a simple task, but I breached the trust. Since the day she was gone, I couldn’t forgive myself for not attending to her when I had a chance to. I felt overwhelmed with guilt because of the…show more content…

He explained how his family was in the hospital praying, expressing their love, and giving respect to his aunt before she passed away. Tri’s uncle Thanh wasn’t able to make it in time because his flight got delayed, and Tri’s family knew that his aunt would understand and forgive him. My friend wanted me to understand that the decision I made was not the best decision at the time, but my grandma would understand and forgive me for not being with her on that day.
When I received the phone call from my father later that night and heard about the news. I immediately rushed to the hospital, and I told myself that I would make it in time to see her. As I made my way to the hospital, the immense shame rushed through my body, when I found out that she had already passed away. I knew that I had missed my last chance of being able to hold her body in my arms, and I would never forgive myself. As I waited anxiously outside of the emergency room, I saw my uncle Luck walking out shaking his head as tears were dripping like water coming down from the faucet. I burst into the room with tears, seeing her body laid on the bed so hopelessly, her hands, arms, and feet were cold and swollen from the endless needle punctures from the I.V. (intravenous). I broke down in pain weeping a like baby, as I walked toward her body. I tried reach over to grab her hand, but I

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Meeting My Grandmother Essay

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The scent in another country can throw off your equilibrium; like when you get off a boat that you have been on for hours and the steady ground is unfamiliar underfoot. That is how I felt as a kid my first summer in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, Mexico where my father’s family is from. I was only 11 years old when I was put on a plane and delivered to my grandmother, Carmen, by the airline. What a feeling, a boy who spoke very little Spanish at home yet understood every word, was deposited in a small town 40 minutes outside of Guadalajara, Mexico into the care of a grandmother who he had never meet.
When I finally managed the courage to open up and see what she was about, I ventured around her quaint house. My grandmother’s home was nothing…show more content…

Walking in was always an adjustment; the lack of natural light was scary and it was long and narrow with the only other window on the first floor at the end of the deep combined living room, dinning room and kitchen. Despite my initial unease the memories that were made there are very special to me.
When I first met my grandmother she had been was a widow for as long as I had been alive. She was 62 years old and had a lot of love for all of her family. Her smile was soothing and her hugs were healing. This woman had given birth to 11 children and worked very hard all of her life, her back had been bent by it all. I learned so much from her but there is one thing that to this day motivates me, she was an entrepreneur.
Just out side of that back window on the first floor there was an unassuming courtyard and a brick building. One day my grandmother took me out to the courtyard and showed me what was behind that building’s door. Little did I know that soon I would find myself spending hours behind that door every day of the week; behind that door was a taller.
Walking through it was amazing. The scent was incredible, like putting on a new shirt before you wash it for the first time. The taller never smelled like any one person, it was always smelled like that new shirt smell to me. The sound, on the other hand, had more than one tune. The sound of the scissors cutting fabric from around the world was pretty, since there

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