Epic Hero Essay On Batman 3

There are many heroes, both fictional and real, but they all have certain qualities that make them heroes. Qualities that I think make a hero are courage, responsibility, and good judgement. One hero I think has all these qualities is Batman.

Batman is a DC comic super hero and the defender of Gotham City. Batman is very courageous because he doesn't have any superpowers but still has the courage to face crazy villains and dangerous criminals. Batman puts his life in danger for his city and that makes him a courageous hero.

Responsibility is a huge quality in a superhero because they have taken the responsibility to keep their city safe. The city of Gotham counts on Batman to be responsible and flashes the bat sign in the sky when he is needed. Batman commits his whole life to protecting the citizens of Gotham and does whatever is necessary to keep his city safe and that makes him a responsible superhero.

Another important quality in a hero is good judgment. A hero needs to have good judgement because stupid decisions could end up killing people. Batman always uses good judgement and thinks a situation through before saving the day. It is batman's smart good decisions that make him a good hero.

Though there are many more qualities i think a super hero should have, I think courage, responsibility, and good judgement are the most important. Batman has saved people in Gotham on hundreds of occasions by having these qualities.

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