Eroi Comico Satirical Essay

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Many professional comedy writers and comedians consider thesatire to be the highest form of humor. This is due to the factthat satire is a remark on the current political social landscapeof the particular year.

Satire is the literature work or other form of art that uniteshumor with criticism to bring attention to a particular problem,fault, or shortcoming. Humor is used in satire to outline theseproblems hoping that they will be resolved. When satire is wellwritten, not only it entertains but also makes the audience thinkabout the issues that they otherwise may not have paid attentionto. It inspires audience to look for changes that can improve thecurrent situation. Below you will find some useful tips on how towrite a satire essay and get a high score.

Satire examples

You can find satire in many places like songs, literature, TVshows, etc. It is used to show corruption or foolishness inorganizations, people, or governments by applying irony orsarcasm. Satire can be found in anything – from a whole paperthat applies satire throughout (parody) to a single sentence.Writers often use satire to reveal social or political problemand promote changes or prevent the worsening of the situation.

Satire can be achieved by using the following:

  • Irony
  • Juxtaposition
  • Sarcasm
  • Exaggeration
  • Double entendres


Irony uses the words to demonstrate the opposite of the actualmeaning. When using irony verbally, you say one thing meaninganother. Situational irony happens when what actually occurs isnot what was expected. When in a drama you use narrative to givethe readers more information it can provide dramatic irony.


Sarcasm is a bitter taunt or remark. It can be humorous in theway it makes its point. However, it can also be painful andserious.

Advice on how to write a satire essay

Satire essays use hyperbole, humor, and irony to poke fun orcriticize a subject. Such essays are often aimed at celebrities,political candidates, or current events. Even though the maingoal of satire papers is to entertain readers, satire writersalso often look for relevant, eye-opening, and useful informationto provide their readers with. When you understand the techniquesapplied for the purpose and style of your content, you can easilylearn how to write a satire essay effectively.

Choosing a topic

Look for a subject that is already ridiculous or ironic. Yourobjective is to bring out the absurdity in your subject. You maylook through your papers that offer any political cartoons to getideas for your topic.

You can consider the following topics for you essay:

  • The harder you work the lesser you get paid
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • School is a waste of time
  • Friends on Facebook and Instagram are the best
  • Politicians always tell the truth
  • What diseases can music cure of?
  • How to break up with your girlfriend via social media?
  • Donald Trump is my hero

Be up-to-date with the both local and national current events.Choose the topic wisely making sure the issue you are going towrite about is something important to you. Check many reputablesources to make sure your information is authentic and true.

The criticism of a particular topic should be valid and thesubject should be put into focus. Also, figure out what writingstyle you are going to use and how you are going to sound in yourpaper. The ideal style is underhanded, sly, and trenchant. Do notbe too obscene or insulting as it may ruin your satire.

Once you choose a topic, follow these writing tips:

  • Note that the best satire is literate.
  • Try to appear serious while delivering your satire becausethis can be very funny. Being subtle means being effectivebecause at first sight it may look like you are actuallyreporting about a real event.
  • Take things further than they have gone. If the story has atrend, you could play it out to offer what might happen next.
  • Turn things around. This is something like when you advisesomeone to do the opposite of what they should do.

Knowing your reader

To keep in mind people who are going to read your essay is veryimportant for delivering a successful satire. Of course, what agroup of old people think is funny is going to be different fromwhat a group of young students consider humorous. You may writeyour essay in accordance with these differences to create asuccessful material. Your satire can only be funny if those whoread it happen to coonsider it really is.

Knowing the limits of good taste

When satire crosses the line, it is not only a bad content, itcan cause damage. Don’t go beyond the line of bad taste whenwriting satire. It often can be difficult to see the line thatdivides the good taste from the bad taste. In such cases, it isbest to write traditionally to make sure that the line is notcrossed unintentionally.

Make your point using hyperbole

Hyperbole is a literary tool that exaggerates facts. However, itdoesn’t mean it offers lies. Stick to the facts but includehyperbolic creatively to outline the absurdity behind the facts.


Not also satire essays are funny but when you find out theridiculous elements of your subject you can make your pointquicker. Many readers respond better to humor particularly whenyou can make them see the absurdity of the topic you are talkingabout.

Say less when you want to say more

When working on the draft of satire you can be very descriptiveand want to tell everyone all the jokes you have. However, whenworking on the final draft of your essay, try to delete half ofyour explanations. This way there will be subtleties and noteveryone will get the jokes but those who will would feelspecial. When you write satire, you tell secrets and make peoplefeel special for getting them.

Be irrelevant

When your audience is religious it is hard to be irrelevantbecause you may say something wrong or offend someone. However,you have to risk failure if you want to connect with your reader.Potentially, you have to offend some of your readers in order toconnect with those who understand the message.

It is important to stay irrelevant when writing satire.

Don’t reveal the truth

You’re not a journalist who need to provide the facts. Whenwriting satire, you need to exaggerate. Take an extreme positionon a particular problem to make your point. In order to do thissuccessfully you have to lie. However, do it not in a misleadingway but in a way that leaves an impression with the audience. Ifyou want to know how to write a satire essay you can’t just tellthe truth. The truth is boring. You want your readers to havequestions and struggle with important issues long after they readyour paper.


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