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Streamlining Inbound & Outbound Freight Activities with a Cloud Transportation Management System

August 25, 2017 ·         

Weis Markets with 200+ locations, this 105-year-old food retailer is leveraging a Kuebix Cloud transportation management system to streamline inbound and outbound freight activities at its 1.3-million-square-foot distribution center in Central Pennsylvania.

Automating Time-Critical Business Processes & Governing the Flow of EDI Data

February 17, 2015 ·         

Selecting and migrating to a new EDI solution that provides native support for a full range of EDI formats, and is compatible with the corporate ERP, can be a daunting challenge.

Real-Time Visibility & Analytics for UTi’s Global B2B “Center of Excellence”

February 04, 2015 ·         

By centralizing and modernizing UTi's B2B operations, they have simplified production support and gained back the time they used to spend going through each technology layer to find out where and why something went wrong.

The Amazing Supply Chain of the 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball

June 12, 2014 ·         

Most people don’t give a second thought to the soccer ball’s journey to the pitch - it’s safe to say though, that just as much careful supply chain planning and hard work goes into making the ball as training the players.

Papa John’s Achieves 10-15% Reduction in Freight Spend in 6 Months

April 16, 2014 ·         

Supply Chain Process Platform improved overall visibility, reduced outside storage costs and inventory levels, improved DC efficiencies and transportation utilization, reduced mileage and labor costs.

Keeping the City of Dallas Secure with MobileAsset

February 06, 2014 ·         

Wasp's asset tracking software, MobileAsset, helps the City of Dallas track items like armored SWAT vehicles, police radios, GPS systems, and laptops -- ensuring that items essential to the city's security can always be located. Using MobileAsset, the City of Dallas can quickly access asset tracking reports and comply with audit requests.

QSCC Achieves Cross-Functional Visibility by Integrating Internal & External Systems

November 30, 2013 ·         

In a fast-moving marketplace, QSCC wanted to gain more supply chain purchasing visibility on a daily basis in order to ensure continuous, on-time supply and reduce costs.

Supply Chain Case Studies

October 31, 2013 ·             

PITT OHIO takes a look at various Supply Chain Transportation Solutions

A Historical Perspective on Regional Parcel Carriers

October 31, 2013 ·             

Regional parcel carriers are a vast group and each has its own set of strengths that your organization can leverage to enhance your supply chain. They can provide better transit, white glove services, special handling, and in most cases, better prices.

A Case Study of Bare Escentuals’ Omni-Channel Distribution Center

July 14, 2013 ·                   

With a Web site launch pending in 2007, the company’s logistics team knew that bringing the fulfillment for all the channels into one facility would enable the retailer to make sure that they got the right product to the right people at the right time.

World Vision’s LMMS Advances Aid with Intermec CN50, FieldWorker

June 26, 2013 ·                 

Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) - "Through LMMS, we are now able to scan beneficiary ID cards with the Intermec CN50 mobile computers. This creates the verification that they've received their relief supplies."

Mail Call - Improving Efficiency Through Mobile Data Capture

June 26, 2013 ·             

Mail Call delivered a courier solution to equip their drivers, riders and delivery guys with the tool they need to complete deliveries accurately with no down time. Watch the Mail Call case study video, achieving efficiencies to improve their business through an Intermec & BCDS solution.

Leading Global Logistics Provider HAVI Discovers the Benefits of Auto-ID Technology

June 26, 2013 ·             

When looking for the right printer, HAVI Logistics found exactly what they were looking for from Intermec. And it was not just the high quality of its products that impressed the project managers. The PX6i high-performance thermal transfer printer printhead replacement program was another significant reason why Intermec was chosen.

Transtar Improves Business IQ with Smart Printing Solution

June 26, 2013 ·         

The company couldn’t easily track shipment errors, and in fact was spending increased staff hours on a manual process growing increasingly outdated. They sought a seamless transition from the outdated labeling process to a streamlined, easy-toimplement solution that would increase productivity, reduce lengthy preparation time and increase customer satisfaction. The solution? Intermec PM4i and PX6i Smart Printers.

Earhart Petroleum’s Fleet Automation Boosts Productivity 20 Percent

June 26, 2013 ·             

Earhart Petroleum had several goals they hoped to achieve as a result of the technology investment. They looked to improve delivery efficiency (as measured by gallons delivered per truck/per day) by 20 percent, minimize inventory shrinkage, reduce staff overtime and improve invoice turnaround time by three business days.

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