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The Nature and Importance of Truth Essays

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What exactly is truth? What is true? These questions are two completely different questions. In order to answer what is true, you must first determine what truth actually is. If we look in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, we see the definition that says “The things that are true”. This is not what we are looking for in a definition of this word, but really there is no defining line between what is true, and what is not.
Truth is essentially divided into two main types of truth. There is empirical truth that is what is observed, what can be tangibly learned from observation. For an example we look at, Starbucks makes coffee and other hot beverages. This is a form of empirical truth, which is what is observed. Other than the empirical…show more content…

( insert citation, IEP website). Now that we have the basics of the correspondence theory, we have an issue. The issue that religion brings into play. Christians believe that Jesus is lord, and that the earth was created by God. But how can some people believe this to be true, and some not? This is because Christians use the bible, and history to determine their fact, whereas some people would dismiss this as fact, or evidence in proof of anything. ( insert citation, Denver Sem. Website)
The correspondence theory of truth relies of fact and reality. What we can tangibly feel, and have evidence for. Aristotle once said that “to say that which is, is not, or that which is not, is a falsehood; and to say that which is, is, and that which is not is not, is true.” Aristotle is saying, that what we can see in reality is actually truth, but if we were to say that snow falls from the sky blue, then we would have a false claim, or a lie (Lynch, 2001, page 9).
The Coherence theory of truth is usually come to by philosophers because of the lack of understanding of the correspondence theory. “A coherence theory of truth states that the truth of any (true) proposition consists in its coherence with some specified set of propositions.” This definition is given to us by the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Young, 2013). There are few details that make this differ from the counterpart of correspondence theory, these

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The other day, my mom told me a story about a coworker (and friend) who wanted her to lie to the boss. She refused. She just couldn’t lie like that. The friend lost her job, and my mom lost her friend.

Every day, we have the choice to tell the truth or not. We can be honest with ourselves about who we are and the challenges we face, or we can lie about it. That’s a choice that’s up to you and me.

Be honest about the problem

The other day at a leadership conference, I heard speaker and author Seth Godin give some advice to an auditorium of leaders:

Tell the truth.

The question was: “How do I innovate within a bureaucracy?”

Godin’s summation was simple: Your situation isn’t as bad as you think. You may not have the freedom to do whatever you want. But you can do something. So start there.

Let’s say you’re facing an important decision or dealing with a certain problem, and you don’t know what to do. Where do you begin?

Stop lying. That’s a good place to start. And then, honestly identify what’s really standing in your way.

What’s the issue?

Is it your boss… or fear? Is it laziness… or Resistance? Is it them… or you?

Just tell the truth. Isn’t that usually the right answer? The question may be, “How do I get a husband?” or “How do I find the right job?” Or even, “How do I market this product?”

But no matter what, the answer is always honesty. Integrity, though sometimes costly, ultimately wins. The problem is not always so simple, and neither is the solution.

When you write, tell it like it is. We are all waiting for the truth, and so few people are willing to tell it.

Let’s get ugly

I’m not just talking about the partial truth. I mean the whole enchilada. The gritty, ugly, scary-to-share, vulnerable truth. The kind that might make you look bad.

The irony is this is exactly what people want from you. To honestly share your story, even — no, especially — when it costs you something. Above all, you must be true.

You cannot fluff or exaggerate the details to impress someone. Be honest. Be yourself. And write like only you can, because if you don’t tell your story, who else will?

So whenever you write or speak or sit down to dinner with your spouse tonight, be honest. Share what you have to say and do it from the heart, your heart. No one else can do that. Tell the truth. It’s the only thing worth listening to.

How have you seen the benefit of telling the truth in your own life? Share in the comments.

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